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By submitting a form the client is agreeing to allow Wisconsin Tax Appeals, LLC to represent the client with regards to their residential property tax appeal.  For no cost WTA will do a complete document review of the client's property to determine if their municipality has fairly and equitably assessed the value of the property.  This analysis may include, but is not limited to, a review of comparable properties sold, appraisals, remodeling or renovations, cost or estimates for defective issues, and checking for errors or omissions by the city.  If an appeal to the assessor is unsuccessful, WTA is under no obligation to continue on with the appeal to the Board of Review or Circuit Court, but may do so at its discretion and after consulting with the client.  Upon a successful reduction of the client's property assessment, the client acknowledges that they are required to pay WTA 39% of the first year savings only, plus a $39 assessment fee.  This is the fee regardless of what level the appeal is made to.  Any and all savings beyond the first year of savings are retained entirely by the client home owner.  The 39% is calculated as the difference of what the client would have paid based on the original assessed value and what the client is now required to pay based on the reduced assessed value.  The client further agrees to pay this amount due within 30 days of receipt of their WTA bill.  The bill will be received by the client homeowner in either the immediate December or January in the months following the successful reduction.  If WTA is unsuccessful in their appeal the client owes absolutely nothing.

The clients authorize Attorney Patrick Hessling of 3500 S. 92nd Street Suite 3E Milwaukee, WI to act as their agent to represent them in property tax assessment matters concerning their property.  This authorization does not expire unless it is revoked in writing by the client.  The Authorized Agent will receive all notices and written communications regarding this matter.  The client understands, agrees, and accepts:


-The assessor's office may divulge any information it may have on file concerning the property.

-The client's agent has the authority and permission to accept a subpoena concerning the client's property on their behalf.

-Client will provide all information they have that will assist in the discussion and resolution of any assessment appeal of their property.

-Client is not relieved of personal responsibility for timely reporting changes to their property and paying taxes, or penalties for failure to do so, as provided under Wisconsin tax law.

-A photocopy and/or faxed copy of completed forms has the same authority as a signed original.

-If authorized by a corporate officer, partner, or fiduciary on behalf of the taxpayer, the client certifies that they have the power to execute this Agent Authorization Form.

Wisconsin Tax Appeals, LLC.