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Why should I hire Wisconsin Tax Appeals?  Can't I just do an appeal myself?

Our team at Wisconsin Tax Appeals is thoroughly experienced and familiar with how the assessment and property tax appeal process works.  Appeals are multi-faceted and must be understood on various levels.  Why risk doing it yourself?  For FREE you will receive a full, professional review of your property tax assessment by our experienced team.  If we can help lower your assessed value, we will proceed with our work at NO CHARGE TO YOU!  You will only be billed if we are successful in reducing your property tax.

Who is WTA?

Wisconsin Tax Appeals' members have extensive backgrounds in their respective field, including: 


-Years of Experience Fighting Assessors

-Licensed Wisconsin Real Estate Brokers

-Licensed Wisconsin Real Estate Agents

-Real Estate Experts in Valuation

Why should I use Wisconsin Tax Appeals?

Property assessment valuation is a complex process.  If you are inexperienced or unprepared, you have virtually no chance of succeeding on getting your assessment lowered.  This is why everyone should have an advocate on their side to make sure they are being properly assessed and taxed on their residence.  In certain situations it is absolutely imperative for a homeowner to check their assessed value.  If any of the following applies to you within the past five years, be sure to hire us today to complete a property tax assessment review.  This includes:                


-A refinanced mortgage

-A new home purchase

-An existing home purchase

-An area of the home that is in need of current repair (ie - new roof, siding, foundation/structural work, etc.)

-A remodel and/or Addition

-A new Home Construction Project

Every property tax appeal is different.  We analyze all angles in determining the best approach for challenging your individual property tax appeal.

Excessive property taxes in and around the Greater Milwaukee area are putting homeowners in a financial bind. All 2018 property tax payers should sign up with WTA to review their property tax assessment.  Signing up today will assure you a spot for 2018.  You don't want to be one of those individuals every year who gets "shut out" of the appeal period.

How does your company help me lower my Wisconsin property taxes?

We are helping you lower the assessed value of your property which determines your property tax bill.  When you lower your assessed value, your property tax bill will be lowered too.  There are several different ways to go about receiving a property tax assessment reduction and we utilize our knowledge and experience as we take the time to review each individual case.  We thus determine the best method for successfully reducing your assessment.

Once I sign up, how long until I know the results of my assessment review?

Your e-mail receipt is your acknowledgement that we are in receipt of your information.  Soon after this we will begin the process of creating our own preliminary valuation of your home, checking for factual errors and omissions, and digging up any other proof necessary to successfully appeal your case.  At this point, depending on the situation, we may contact you for additional documentation or evidence supporting a reduced assessment.  If your City Assessor has already published your new property tax assessment then we can complete our review.  If this has yet to be published we have to wait for this to occur before we can complete our review.  The season for assessments in Milwaukee County ranges from March - August and we will notify you of when your city handles theirs in our follow-up email.  We cannot finish our research until we have all the necessary information from the city.  As soon as the information is available, Wisconsin Tax Appeals will proceed with your Assessment Review.  WTA keeps track of ALL dates and deadlines.

Once I sign up, how long until I know the results of my assessment review?

To review your property tax assessment, Wisconsin Tax Appeals charges absolutely nothing.  We will review your assessment on multiple levels to make sure you are being assessed fairly and equitably.  Wisconsin Tax Appeals will then notify you of our findings and, if an appeal is warranted, we will continue with your appeal to the city at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE TO YOU.  IF AND ONLY IF SUCCESSFUL, you pay a small percentage of the money you save - it is RISK FREE.  The fee for an appeal is only 39% of your savings, plus a $39 assessment fee.  No hidden fees and no surcharges.  If your appeal is unsuccessful, you owe absolutely nothing.  There is no reason not to use us - we can only save you money!

How should I contact Wisconsin Tax Appeals?

Email is the best way to reach us.  We receive an extraordinary amount of contacts each day, but rest assured that if you complete the sign up form we will then work to analyze and fairly assess your property - no further contact is needed.  Communicating via email correspondence allows us to reply at all hours and as soon as possible.  Our customer service and results are why WTA is the trusted property tax appeal company in Southeastern Wisconsin.


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